Celtics Game with celebs

Last night we took a couple friends to see the Celtics play at the Garden.  I’ve always liked going to Celtics games even more than Red Sox or Patriots, I think it’s just a more fun environment.  We had so much fun that we’re thinking about buying partial season tickets.  It probably won’t happen, but we really love these guys!  The best part is that we won!

We weren’t alone, Wes Welker was sitting courtside and Adalius Thomas was there with his son (Patriots players).  See Wes in his white hat in the middle-front?  He kind of caused a scene when the camera went on him and he was up on the jumbo-tron thingy.  People went wild for him, totally ignoring the game and then when he got up to pee, he got the same reaction.  It was pretty exciting though, our seats were so good!  The premium seats are really fantastic, there is a waitress that comes and brings you drinks, and the seats are nice and comfy leather.  I can’t wait to go back!     

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