Turkey Trot and Food Overload

I started my morning with a 4 mile Turkey Trot in Davis Square this morning!  I’m super impressed with myself because sleeping in is perhaps my favorite holiday activity.  The race itself was more challenging than I expected.  I’m used to distance, but I’m also used to a very paced distance.  You know what passed me today?  2 people dressed as turkeys in big outfits where walking would be difficult – they were able to smoke me.  More impressive is the amount of parents pushing toddlers in running strollers who passed me…going UP HILL!  Besides all the people handing my ass to me at 9am, it was a really good race.  The course itself was really organized and the finish line was packed full of runners who already finished and who were cheering everyone else on, I would totally do it again.  What I didn’t love about it was the pain, I felt like I was dying, but actually my ipod said I averaged 9 minute miles so that’s not terrible.

We went to my parent’s house for the turkey dinner.  It was one of the better Thanksgivings because my mom used a lot of new recipes that I would consider to be more gourmet.  Normally we kind of throw the standard mashed potatos and gravy with squash and turkey at people and call it a day.  There was so much food today that we could have fed half the country.  My brother had to work, and this is his favorite holiday just for all the gluttony.  It was pretty obvious that he wasn’t there when we saw all that was leftover.

My family discussed gift giving for the first time since all us kids grew up.  It was a little chaotic with many ideas on how to proceed with it like yankee swaps, secret santas, just giving the little kids gifts, no gifts at all, etc.  We called up one of my aunts who lives down south, and discussed it over speakers phone after we had kind of gotten a rough idea of what we thought was best: secret santa.  We had to explain what a secret santa was about 5 times too many for someone of my dad’s IQ.  He’s very super smart, but little things like secret santa kind of get right by him.  In the end we decided that everyone will bring a $20ish gift to do a kind of a grab-baggish type thing.  I think this is a much better idea for us.

Another example of little things that get by my dad.  Like when a daughter wants a dollhouse, you should probably just go out and buy her a plastic one she can play with in the toy room….

Awesome Uncle: what happened to that dollhouse you guys had, who’s was it?
Super Dad: it was laura’s.
Me: it was dad’s.
Super Dad: no it was yours.
Me: no, you built it and put it on the living room on display in the window so I couldn’t play with it!
[true story]

Anyways, happy turkey day everyone!  I’m off for some leftovers : )

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Turkey Trot and Food Overload

  1. Jen says:

    I admire you for running a race on Thanksgiving. [Insert virtual pat on the back!]

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