Summer Shack – Holla

Tonight was a special night!  It’s not everyday that we go to The Summer Shack for some seriously awesome seafood.  We went on a date tonight with Natasha and it did not disappoint.  Did you know there’s such thing as BOGO oysters?  Well there is at The Summer Shack on Mondays: buy one oyster, get one free.  This didn’t really do it for me, but my husband loves those creatures.   

I forgot my camera…so Blackberry it was…photo taken by Abe : )  

On my plate is the 2 pound wok seared lobster that’s cooked Asian style with a side of white rice.  You might think it’s spicy, but it’s actually very sweet and salty…the sauce is a variation of soy sauce with scallions.  On Natasha’s plate is the 2 pound pan fried lobster, which is THE lobster to get there.  I didn’t get it because I just happen to crave soy sauce all the time, but the pan fried one really is the best one on the menu!  Lots of butter, lots of flavor, super saucy, all over your hands and plate and face…and worth all of it. 

Go here on a weekday, it’s practically a ghost town, but the weekends are pretty busy.  The servers are nice, and it’s a clean fun environment.  Sometimes you see Jasper White walking around or sitting at the bar.  When is the last time that you dove into a plate full of butter and lobster?  You should try it sometime!  

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