The Sloth In Me

For lack of anything better to talk about, because I spent 2 days sitting on the couch, I thought I’d post another Halloween photo because it’s hilarious.

I watched so much TV over the weekend, it was disgusting.  I went to the gym once on Saturday but it wasn’t really all that great, I shouldn’t have eaten pancakes before working out!  There is some really bad tv on during the weekends: a lifetime movie with Candace Cameron and Fred Savage, every Matrix ever created, A Haunting – all of which I’ve seen before but I kept watching each episode anyways, Dodgeball, and pretty much a whole plethora of entertainment that I would never watch unless I was close to dying of boredom.  I spent most of my day organizing and cleaning yesterday, although it really looks not much better in here.  I hate this apartment and it’s lack of storage. 

I wasn’t trying to lay on the couch all weekend but I’m having some strange pain on the top of my right foot.  It’s not bad, but it’s very annoying so I decided to lay off it today.  It mostly hurts when I’m sitting and not standing though, which is very confusing.  I’ll give it two more days to shape up before getting too concerned.  I’m not sure that I was prepared for the amount of rest that it would get.  Insanity was creeping in half way through the day.  I got off the couch and used a weight to do some squats and arm lifts and standing ab work, but it was nothing close to actual cardio!  Nobody should be this sedentry, it’s a lot harder than running ever was, I’m not even kidding.


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