How much mayo can one family eat?

What a hilarious week so far.  I got a check in the mail for a book sold on Amazon and it was wrapped in this super funny sandwich list from the midwest.  I appreciate the recycling of paper, but I hope they know that I’d read it.  This family Really likes mayo and bologna!!  I can’t judge though, I’ve never had mayo with bologna before.  As a child I would often have bologna and mustard, but somehow the mayo makes it so much more midwest-cozy.  On an unrelated sidenote: the artist formerly known as Prince is totally from Minnesota.

I bought myself a present at Lululemon!  I got black arm warmers for running.  They’re basically like tube socks that have a little thumb hole cut out and pull up to your mid-bicep to keep you warm during cold weather runs.  It’s pretty exciting, Kara Goucher wears them and lots of other cool runners.  I think I paid too much for them but Lululemon is on the pricier side, the Asics pair go for about $10 and mine were about $28 because they’re thicker.  I will take extra good care of them, I plan on testing them out this weekend for an outdoor long run!  My face might be freezing but my arms will be toasty warm.  These little comforts are what I really need to get motivated to get outside because it seems that we will be in New England for a long time, if not forever.

Today, I got a headache for the first time in ages.  You know the kind that just makes the world shut down a little bit?  I marched myself to Starbucks to get one of the holiday drinks, I figured it wouldn’t hurt my headache and might improve my mood.  I ordered a tall non-fat peppermint mocha and a petite vanilla scone.  Turns out that I don’t really like the peppermint mocha – I only drank half, but I devoured that petite scone, it was terrific: pefectly moist with a sweet vanilla glaze.  I’ll admit that it didn’t help my headache, and it may have made it worse, but it made me happy so it was worth it at the time.  I need to try not to reward myself with food!  That is a terrible habit… so then for dinner we ordered Thai takeout…dah, I know!!  I could have fixed something light and healthy for dinner, but 99% of the time we eat at home during the week but today it just didn’t work out.  Atleast nothing was fried, I have that going for me.  

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One Response to How much mayo can one family eat?

  1. meggy says:

    AND Kara Goucher is from Duluth :)Lots of midwest love going on in your post today.

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