You Tube Champions!

On the right is our friend Scotty holding a bottle of wine sideways wrapped in a kitchen towel.  On the left is my husband swinging a large rubber mallet.  What is the point of this Idiotness?  Well Abe saw the video of the French guy opening a bottle of wine by placing it into his shoe and banging it against a wall.  The cork gets pushed out by the pressure of the motion.  The boys tried that first, but it didn’t work out mainly because they were kind of scared they’d just break the bottle.  I’m not sure how they found the courage in 10 minutes, but soon enough this became their solution…to swing a rubber mallet indoors at the bottle. 
Check it out if you feel like watching some crazy shit:
I filmed it on my super cute pink blackberry so it’s totally poor quality, and when I shake it’s because I’m trying to quietly suppress my laughing…I wasn’t encouraging it, I just wanted to capture their moment of triumph!  Please do not try this at home, unless you are in someone else’s kitchen.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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