Priscilla Queen of the Desert – WTF!

My husband thought I really had to see this movie.  His sister brought it home one day back in the 90s and he thought it was hilarious….10 years ago.  He put it on our Netflix and tonight was the big night.  I watched the whole thing and I’m honestly not sure if I loved it or not.  What I do know is that there are so many famous people in this movie dressed in serious drag and lip synching their hearts out. 

Guy Pearce from Memento. 

Hugo Weaving…aka The Elf Dude in Lord of the Rings OR Agent Smith.

Terence Stamp aka Yes Man, from that movie with Jim Carey and the cuteness of Zooey Deschanel.

And now all of them dressed in drag.

So did I like it?  Yeah I still don’t know.  It had a lot of really good moments, but it was also the strangest movie that I’ve ever seen!!  I’m totally not sure if I suggest it or not.  Their costumes are seriously awesome though.

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