That Was Way Complicated

Tonight we went to our friend Lauren’s birthday dinner.  It was great, we drank from beer towers and I got roasted duck for dinner.  Anyhow, suddenly people are unloading gifts and cards and I’m like:

Me: oh, I feel bad we didn’t bring anything tonight. 
Abe: didn’t you mail her a card?
Me: no, I mailed your niece Lauren a card.
Abe: WHAT??
Me: WHAT??

Rewind to the day we left for San Francisco.

Abe: it’s Lauren’s birthday, we should send a card.
Me: ok, I have some here at work.
Abe: Great.
– 2 hours elapse – 
Me: What is your sister’s address, I don’t have her new one.
Abe: [emails the address]
Me: [Mails the card!!]

So obviously there was some serious miscommunication here.  We have a friend named Lauren and we have a niece named Lauren.  Also we have 7 nieces and nephews and 7 siblings plus 4 parents to keep track of.  

Married life is complicated sometimes.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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