Nike Half Marathon – The Conclusion

After we picked up my race information we were kind of torn on how to spend the day.  We knew we were meeting friends later in the afternoon so maybe we should get some touristy things out of the way.  So immediately we hopped onto a double decker open air tour bus!! 

I never really thought that these things were a good idea, but on a day where we had a few hours to kill and a lot to see it worked perfectly.  The weather was nice, 65 and sunny, although we quickly learned that the weather can go from 62 to 50 at the flip of a coin.  Really, that’s no joke, once the fog comes in you better pull out your scarf. 

I really enjoyed wearing my tourist hat around the city.  I’ve been to San Francisco two other times, but I’ve never seen as much as I did this time.  The tour was $35 per person but good for two days, so we did actually hop on and off the bus a few times to get where we needed to go. 

Abe really likes to take pictures super close up of my head for some reason.  Behind me are the sea lions at Pier 39 where they’re all fighting for a spot to sunbathe.  I actually dry heaved a little bit when I started to smell their very intense Stink.  They’re very cute though, so I’ve seen them every time I’ve been to the city.  Honestly, this might be my last time.  That smell is just too much for me.

Abe had to get his fortune from Zoltar, like on Big, but I don’t think that he made a wish.  I was like: have you seen Big??  I didn’t want to use it, I don’t care if it was just a movie!

We met up with my friend Richard.  We were besties back in high school, and I think because of that he was willing to take a trolly ride with us and the millions of other tourists waiting in line.  Our trolly driver was Not a nice guy, I was kind of mortified since 99% of the city is so friendly.  He was kind of angry, but I guess not everyday can be Your day.  I’m not going to lie, going downhill in a trolly is pretty Effing scary.

After our trolly ride, we made our way to Little Italy to have dinner at the Stinking Rose with Richard’s wife and daughter.  She was so well behaved and she didn’t even say one word the entire time, although he says that she is usually really loud.  I think maybe she was shy.  So this restaurant specializes in garlic: loads and loads of garlic.  Garlic cocktails, garlic icecream, garlic everything!  I really enjoyed my meal, I thought it was tasty but as I felt a little queasy after.

On Sunday Abe walked me to the starting line in the dark at 6:30am and I found my starting group.  Next time, I need to start with a faster group, I spent 80% of the time trying to get past people.  My first goal was just to finish, but when I realized that I could actually do really well of course I got a bit more competitive.  Not that I was going to win or anything, but I wanted to get ahead and be in the pack of faster runners.  It was not as easy as though, I mean 20,000 runners made things a little difficult.  The race was awesome though, I loved it, and it really made me love running.  The course was beautiful and challenging at the same time: yes there were hills.  Most of the hills were very steep but not very long, however, there was one hill that was very steep and for the love of God so very long.  I was swearing in my head.  It was also really inspiring, there were women of all ages and abilities and they were all having fun.  There were people cheering on the sidelines everywhere and there were plenty of water stations and bathrooms and all that.  I think it’s probably the most fun race out there, and it was a perfect first half marathon for me.  I felt really good the entire race until the last mile, that hurt, but I was able to maintain my pace so it was a very good sign.  I mean, I really Raced, I was all out.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures of me running.  Abe couldn’t find me!  There were seriously that many people there.  He endured some tough times trying to get to cheer stations and find me, only to realize that I must have run right by him, and he didn’t even see me race.  We met at the family meetup past the finish line 40 minutes after I had finished and picked up my Tiffany necklace and finisher’s t-shirt.  Next time I’ll just have him wait at the very end and not bother with the cheer stations!  This was a first for him and me.

What’s the first thing we did after my race?  We went right to In-and-Out so I could get a cheeseburger animal style.  Abe got a 3×3 animal style.  20 minutes later, what did we do?  We went and got…

Another Burger.  Yes, we ate two burgers in 1 hour.  Abe heard that Taylor’s in the Ferry Building had the most amazing burgers in town.  You know, whoever told him that was right.  That burger was fantastic and huge and totally worth every bite!  We bought t-shirts, that’s how much we liked it.

We were able to meet up with another one of my friends for a drink and then for dinner we went back to the Ferry Building and had dinner at the Slanted Door.  We heard it was one of those places you must try.  Both of us really enjoyed it.  It’s very light and flavorful Vietnamese food, but it’s a style of Vietnamese that I havne’t had around here or maybe it’s just much fresher.  We got the green papaya salad, the shaking beef, and the pan-seared day boat scallops.  I loved the salad and the shaking beef, they were so unique in their flavor.  The scallops were good, but they weren’t stand out in comparison.  I ate a lot of beef over the weekend! 

I loved every second of being in San Francisco.  I saw the city in a different way and think it’s just amazing.  I learned that I love running and I might even be a runner now, next year I want to run the Chicago marathon! 

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