It’s Here!

It’s been really quiet around here this week.  We’re leaving for San Francisco on Friday.  I’m actually excited now!  I was kind of uncertain of how I’d feel for a few months, but the time is upon us, on Sunday I’m running 13.1 miles and there’s no stopping me!  I’m going to catch up with a couple friends while I’m on the west coast too, hopefully they’ll humor my grand ideas of riding trolly cars and eating Rice A Roni…ok not not that part.  Maybe we’ll even go to Chinatown and get some dim sum and later see some really smelly seals and get an In-and-Out animal style indulging after a decent race finish.

My only problems now are 1.  how can I get my coconut water from here to there without checking my bag?  2.  how can I get my almond butter there without checking my bag?  The almond butter might be easy enough, but the coconut water…yeah I might need to try and find some once I get out there.  They say not to do or eat anything new the day of your race so I need to eat the same pre-run breakfast I always eat and drink coconut water during my run from my water belt.  I think it’s normal to be this paranoid over food.  Deena Kastor had a little toilet problem in the Chicago marathon last weekend, and I’m sure it happens to Average Josephina’s like me too.  I have a really fickle belly but somehow I’ve been able to go the 3.5 months of my training without any sort of horror story – praise the lord.

I’m really looking forward to going to pick up my number and time chip.  I hope there is lots of good swag for me there too, if not I’ll just buy some cool stuff and call it even.  San Francisco here we come! 

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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