It’s Puppy Time!

It’s not really time for puppies, but I do love me some doggies!  Some day I’m going to come home and there is going to a bow on one of these animals and I’ll never need anything else in the world.  Ok, maybe I’ll need a few other things but one of my major life dreams will have come true.
Shiba Inu
I’m going to take one of these.  He’s like the supermodel of the dog world.  When we see this dog walk down the street, everyone turns their head to stare…even other dogs, even humans, even pigeons.
Teacup Pomeranian.
I’m going to take 2 of these because I mean they’re so tiny that I could fit two in my pocket.  Ok, honestly this dog might be way too small for me.  So I’ll just pretend “take two” because I would def. squoosh them. 
Long haired Dachshund
I’ve found a deep love for these tiny little dogs and the way that their tummies almost brush the ground as they run down the street.  Their legs move at triple the speed of any other dog, it’s So Cute!  This would be a terrible running companion though, so I’ll just take one of these. 
Norfolk Terrier
This dog is just the best dog ever.  I’ve seen them, and they’re like the kind of dog that everyone likes – good for girls, good for boys, good for kids and little people alike. They’re like that stuffed animal we all had as kids.  This is actually the dog that I think fits my personality the best out of the chosen ones.  They’re just really good dogs.  I might just love one to death!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to It’s Puppy Time!

  1. meggy says:

    Im very disappointed in your choice of dogs..we do not share the same tastes. And just an FYI dachshunds are mean mean dogs. i mean they were bred for chasing rodents and badgers…ive had 2, i wouldn't recommend it unless you want a very grumpy dog when it gets older. But if you get standard sized they are pretty good running partners. And jackson says he is the most beautiful puppy on the street. Hes jealous of no one.

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