Running is a Good pain – sort of

Today’s long run went much better than last weeks bucket of horrors. The weather was perfect for me: 62 degrees, cool yet mild, lightly raining at the beginning and then completely clear but cloudy. Everything felt right and I was only in pain for the very last mile.

I tested a new product today: Clif Shot Blocks

I previously was using Powerbar gels but I just wasn’t really feeling them. They tasted so/so and they didn’t do much but upset my stomach. These are great because they are 1 inch squares that you can eat quickly one at a time when you feel that you need them. Did they help me run faster? No, they just helped me not feel empty and hungry during the run. I really liked them and I’ll be bringing them to San Francisco with me in 2 weeks for my half marathon.

Now I’m running with 1 bottle of coconut water to naturally hydrate me, and 1 bottle of water, and in my little pouch I have the little Clif Shot Blocks. I ate only three during my run only because It’s a little hard for me to chew and run at the same time! I love the coconut water, it’s so hydrating and it gives me a little boost of energy that the water alone doesn’t do. I’ve been finding it harder and harder to buy at the grocery stores though, people must be catching on to my secret…or there are a lot of really hungover people out there replenishing because it’s also an excellent cure for a night of partying. Note: it must be coconut water and Not coconut juice.

My longest run yet!
11 miles in 1:43:00
It looks like I’ll be finishing my first half marathon in just over 2 hours this time around if all goes right.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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