Saturday in the rain

We had a really fun Saturday starting with the Somerville Harvestfest! Ok, so we didn’t really know what this event was. We knew it was some kind of arts festival in the newly restored armory. There was live music and no less than 10 beer companies handing out shot sized samples. It was a glorified power-hour and we did not last as long as we anticipated. I did try a lot of new beers that I was really fond of like the light Mayflower Brewing Company’s Golden Ale. We arrived at about 2pm, so I wasn’t about to drink all the beer and leave none for the rest of the young people. – there were lots of young professionals.

Later we made it to Highland Kitchen, the home of my favorite burger of all time. We ordered every single appetizer on the menu! I’m not even kidding, but it was totally by accident. We didn’t coordinate what people were going to get and all of a sudden there were plates and plates of food piling on top of us. We got the Mexican grilled corn, the meat plate, the pumpkin and sage ravioli, mussels, shrimp and grits, and potato and leek soup. I really enjoyed the shrimp and grits, they were served with smoked bacon and really tasty mushrooms. The texture of the grits with the shrimp was perfect. My second favorite was the meat plate because it came with tons of homemade pickles! The soup was nothing special, I wouldn’t waste my time on it again considering all the other really good food. Of course I got the Highland cheeseburger for my entree! I ordered it medium and it was definitely on the rare side. However that didn’t change the flavor and how awesome it tasted. It was worth every bite and it was worth the 45 minute wait for a table too!

Moving on, we had people come over to play mario kart after dinner because we’re obviously teenagers. Have you ever seen boys do shots of Worcestershire sauce? As in the condiment? Well now you have:

I know, I still don’t understand why. Seems like a bad idea to me…
Even with the out of the ordinary condiment shots and all the horrible New England rain, we had a really fun Saturday!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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