Guys, do you love french onion soup the way that I love it?? It is my favorite soup in the world and I think soup is the bees knees. If you do, then I think you should try this onion soup at Bouchee on Newbury Street. It’s the real deal. I mean, it’s the first onion soup that I’ve had in many months but I thought it was everything a classic French onion should be: warm, inviting, filling, and satisfying. The flat bread pizza is also worth mentioning. It’s very light with sweet and savory flavors.

I really liked this restaurant from the warm atmosphere to how they serve Coca Cola in a retro glass bottle. It looked very much like the restaurant in Ratatouille minus all the crazy people. A lot of places on Newbury Street look and feel the same, but this restaurant is much different. It’s upscale without being snobby, and it feels very authentically French. They have an outdoor patio that has heat lamps so people can sit there well into the fall, I’ve never seen this before. I didn’t think that I’d be warm enough, but actually they are quite toasty so maybe next time I’ll try that. Bouchee is a Newbury gem, a lot of places in that area are touristy or just basic America food, but I highly recommend this one.

Food A
Atmosphere A

ps. Happy Birthday little benita!!

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