Mushroom Apple Dog

There is something in the air. Things around me are getting stranger and stranger by the minute. Is it me? Or is it the universe? It’s probably me. I tend to attract the bizarre.

Look at the two-legg-ed mushroom that came in our package of white mushrooms today. I mean first of all, what a fantastic photo right? I used my Nikon D60 and I have proven why I need to start using that much more often. Abe was like: I found this in the mushrooms and I thought of you. I wonder why he thought of me… Do I look like a deformed mushroom? Or maybe because I like quirky things.

At the grocery store yesterday I was in the natural foods aisle looking at the almond butters, when I came across this. It’s applesauce that you squeeze into your mouth. I think the concept is nice…applesauce on the go for a healthy snack. However, I’m so grossed out by it!! I never ever want to squeeze applesauce into my mouth through a juice box. There’s just something about the texture that I don’t enjoy at all.

And now finally, meet Mr. Max, he just got groomed today. Can’t you tell by his magical ‘stache? You’d think he was taken to a pet groomer’s, but what actually happened was that a pet groomer came to him. Yes, he was groomed in a van. In my mind, I can clearly see the doggie van from Dumb and Dumber, but that’s not actually what he visited…I don’t think. I’m not really sure how they work their water in that doggie van, I’m going to ask Mr. Max the next time I see him.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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