Saturday on the Farm

Today, we went to our favorite farm… where we hold chickens and sometimes we shoot things. Nothing got shot today! We were given a job today to help feed all the cows. They’re all spread out over certain areas of the farm, so there were actually a lot more than I thought. Three separate groups needed hay and corn feed. Abe was brave enough to drive the tractor, but I just stood on the side and rode along with him. It wasn’t complicated, but I’ve never driven a standard car before so I would have had a harder time I’m sure.
We really enjoy the time that we get to spend on this little farm. Being out in the country is really relaxing, maybe except for the smell of the cows. We could probably live without that, not that they aren’t really cute but we can’t get too attached to them. This is a cattle farm after all before anything else. There are chickens and a vegetable garden, but really those are just side gigs. We did get free range farm fresh eggs to take home, fresh picked eggplant and a ridiculous amount of basil to make pesto with!

We took their dog Bodie for a walk along this really old trail which used to be some kind of old rail way of sorts. It was really nice and just this big pathway in the middle of a forest. At first I was thinking: wow this place is fantastic, I love everything about it…until Abe spotted a memorial out in the corner. It was a memorial for a little girl who went missing in 1993. Um, Ok, not really a peaceful nature walk anymore!! Bodie didn’t seem to mind though, he really enjoyed himself.
Later, we went to this amazing little BBQ shack called B.T.’s Smokehouse. It doesn’t look like anything more than a little red shack on the side of the road, but this place is amazing. I got pork ribs, beef short ribs, potato salad, and a piece of corn bread….and also some spicy beef jerky. I wasn’t fond of the potato salad, but those pork ribs were the best that I’ve ever had. We usually get our BBQ from Redbones in Davis Square but B.T.’s blows Redbones out of the water. The ribs are so much better. There isn’t a very large menu, but everything on it is very good. My only complaint is that the sides are really blah, there are very few choices and really none of them are very good, but you don’t have much room after you stuff yourself full of ribs anyways. If you’re ever out in Brimfield, MA, you should take a quick detour and pick this stuff up! Your taste buds will thank you!

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