Suburban Fun

We had a friend in town last night from North Carolina and we went out to the suburbs to hang out with him and his super cool brother who happens to have a really interesting job in a really nice town. We had like hundreds of questions for this guy, it was an embarrassing amount of admiration and curiosity. Also, I learned horrible things about a very local news anchor. If you want to know who called 911 from her home because she had diarrhea, just ask me! And of course I’m totally ashamed at all the crappy pub food we ate for dinner and heavy beers. Needless to say things got pretty strange from there.

Don’t worry, we didn’t take that home with us. It was one of those nights that takes you back to times when things were way more stupid and idiotic.

I’m not really a big drinker so when they took some mystery shots at an ungodly hour, I didn’t participate so I could drive us home. That was a very smart decision! The boys were not pleased with it at all, it looked like rat poison. This photo is just ridiculous. Abe is eating a piece of cheese that’s squirreled away in his mouth and our friend looks like he’s wearing a fat suit or something. It should probably be one of those anti-drinking ads like: don’t let this happen to you.

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