500 Days…

500 Days of Summer with Zooey Daschanel (I love her name, and oh for the love of God she has the best bangs Ever) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I had really high hopes for this cute summer romance/comedy and I felt that I was let down. Sure it was a comedy, but was it a funny as Juno? No. Was it as funny as I Love You Man? Nope. Was Zooey as cute and quirky as everyone knows her to be? Yes, she did her job and looked great doing it. Joseph – guy with too many last names, he did a great job too. He played the love-struck fool more perfectly than anyone could have. The acting on both sides was great. I really enjoyed the way they put the movie together, it was very unique. There was even a little song and dance and really bad and really good karaoke. There was romance, there was chemistry, there were likable characters. What was missing? My main problem with this movie was the movie itself. I just wanted to scream, “She said she didn’t want a boyfriend, what is your Effing problem!!” Watching a man break down the entire movie and lose his absolute being was quite annoying. I don’t really want to give away the end or anything, but watching a couple disintegrate on the big screen – a la The Breakup, is kind of a big waste of my time. I also didn’t like The Breakup, I also hated the book Revolution Road, this storyline never pleases me. So everyone else seems to love this movie, but I give it a solid B: rent it. It’s not as funny or cool as say…Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

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