Frumpy No More

“Winning is not everything, but being number 2 sucks”

I can’t even bear to tell you what show I heard that on today, it’s far too embarrassing. You know what else was embarrassing? Realizing half way through the day that I looked like a frumpy cafeteria disaster. So you know what I did? I went out and bought something better looking. Not to wear, but to take home and make a mental note that today’s outfit was totally unacceptable and tomorrow I should try and do better. Working in a building with a mall has its perks. I’m slowly starting to realize that my outfits aren’t exactly yelling “respect me bitches”, they’re yelling “you must be the least important person here”. I’m going to remedy that, or you know at least try for “I Look Good” – That would be just fine too. I picked up the blazer and the striped blouse underneath. It’s still too warm to wear this, but I can’t wait for the first day that I can. Yes, this would be my second blazer that I bought this season. Yes, I am insane.

So beyond all that idiotness about an intelligent minus the bland internal conversation, what else is going on in my life? I forgot to eat today. I have like almost never done this before. Not since college anyways. I pretty much am constantly thinking about my next meal, but today somehow I just never remembered. I got home from the gym and still wasn’t all that hungry, and decided to make eggplant Parmesan because the eggplants are looking so good right now. I did something wrong. I’m not sure what, maybe too much pepper with the bread crumbs? It did not come out well at all, it was really disappointing. This is the first time in ages where I’ve Effed up a dinner so bad that I couldn’t eat it. I mean I ate it anyways, but it was bad. I hope to God that it was the pepper and not spoiled cheese or something because that would be tragic. I haven’t poisoned myself in a long time, I hope that I’m past that part of my life… If i die, please bury me in that blazer with the striped shirt underneath and a long necklace: Thank you.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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