O Ya

Tonight was a big night. It took us almost a full month to get reservations to O Ya. I’m not saying they’re kind of ridiculous, but it wasn’t even all that busy, however, a reservation is an absolute Must.

We sat at the chef’s table where the sushi chefs used flaming torches on their sushi. It was really kind of exciting, I can’t imagine what people at regular tables had to look at because it certainly wasn’t as cool as watching them cook slices of tomatoes and duck.

Pretty much any time I go out for Asian, I feel the need to start with some kind of soup. Here, we all tried the miso and it was a really fancy miso. There were all sorts of things floating in there: seaweed, mushrooms, tofu, and other assorted veggies that I couldn’t identify.

For the sushi selection, it’s really all very dressed up sushi. There wasn’t one pedestrian roll on the menu which is fine, but just be ready for the exotic. We chose the wild bluefin maguro tuna nigiri to start. The style of dining is similar to tapas where you only get 2 per plate generally, unless you request more. This is tuna on rice with soy braised garlic and microgreens. It was Fantastic. Melt in your mouth fun!

For the main course the girls got the shiso tempura with grilled lobster. I wasn’t really in a lobster mood, but they claim that it was delicious. The lobster sat on top of charred tomato and ponzu aioli was drizzled on top. In the photo are actually 2 orders of this meal.

That’s all I have for photos, the rest didn’t come out well. For my main entree I had the Okinawan style braised pork which sat on top of Boston baked heirloom rice beans, homemade kimchee (i never saw the kimchee), soy maple sauce, and kinome. I thought that it was very good, the flavor was very sweet and salty. We continued to eat… the plates were far smaller than we imagined. My final course was the chilled daikon dumplings. They were vegetarian and filled with miso nut cheese, homemade kimchee, wakame, and spicy pine nut mayo. I actually didn’t like these very much. The mayo ruined them for me. Tash’s final course was the house smoked moullard duck tataki sashimi. She is a duck lover, and she was quite satisfied with this. The duck was sliced thin, scorched, and then topped with microgreens and some interesting sauces.

O Ya is an experience. My suggestion would be to order some sake, set aside a couple of hours, and order lots of dishes to try. Half the fun is watching them make it for you. It’s on the more expensive side, and is in fact the most expensive sushi place that I’ve been to but It was worth it.

O Ya A-

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