These all could have been Tweets

Lots of updating to do…

– We cancelled HBO a few weeks ago but we watched 3 episodes of entourage last night…it is SO MUCH BETTER when it’s free. Seriously, it’s as if it was actually a good show.
– I like to go Veg once a week, and currently this is my favorite tofu recipe: Yum. it’s so good, even if you don’t like tofu you will like this. it’s cheap, easy, and tasty.
– I hit 8 miles on my long run this past Sunday. It’s the longest I’ve ever run/walked/crawled, and I’m so proud.
– I can’t wait for House to come back, this summer tv is shit… it’s so shitty that I just read a book about Cancer. That’s Right. But it was actually better than anticipated since nobody died: The Middle Place.
– I cancelled Vogue. I know, it sounds dirty, like dust bunny dirty. I really think that I can be fashionable without it…just wait for the crazy outfits.
– I brought a full, 100% perfectly healthy orchid home a month ago, and now it’s dead. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong with these plants.
– Chugging wine from the bottle can be really difficult. Maybe you need a Soiree… (this is not what a soiree is actually for, Abe knows the inventor).
– We made pickles, and it’s a very long painful story. Tips: don’t do it unless you Really know how.
– Airbrushing. I do not have a problem that Self air brushed the crap out of Kelly Clarkson on the most recent issue. My opinion is that they could have done more, she looked pretty Real to me and not in a bad way.
– I used a typewriter for the first time in like 15 years the other day. I couldn’t figure out how to do anything but turn it on. Turns out that I Really enjoy it now, I go out of my way to use it and I kind of want one of my own…only in robins egg blue though or pale pink. The feel of it was so beyond a computer keyboard, it felt really good.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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