My Running, right on.

Laugh all you want…I laugh a little bit at myself, but I can’t do a long run without water and how do you run with water? You strap it to yourself like a mommy’s fanny pack! It’s awesome, and one of the better inventions out there in the world to ensure I make it home in one piece. How is my training going? I’ve just completed week 7, and i’m mostly on track. I say mostly because the past two weeks I had a ton of social plans and during the work week it just kills my training. Every run just feels much more draining and it just makes every step hurt a little bit more so I’m trying to really limit my after work social engagements for awhile so I can get back on track. You say: just run in the morning before work. I say: I can’t even say my name before 8am! I’ve tried working out in the morning in the past and it’s been nothing but a useless waste of my time. I have no energy, and only half awake looking like a crazy person with a rats nest for hair and circles under my eyes like a zombie, so the better thing for me is to run after work…and before my butt hits the couch. At this point I feel as though 13.1 miles will be a challenge, but I can do it. The good news is that i’m pretty sure I’m allowed to use my ipod for this race, most races don’t allow them due to safety of runners, but since this is a Nike sanctioned event then i’m pretty sure it’s ok. I don’t know what I will do if I can’t use one for that long distance… create a mental shopping list, think of all the toppings that will go onto my In and Out burger when I’m done, balance my checkbook, name my future houseplants, so many things could be accomplished in that dead time besides thinking about how much pain I’m in. I’m getting pretty excited about this, I can’t wait to go to California! I can’t wait to fly across the country to get free stuff!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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