There is a long debated subject in Boston on which sushi spot is better: Fugakyu in Brookline or Ginza also in Brookline. I’ve been to Fugakyu many times and really loved it but I finally got the opportunity to try Ginza last night with friends so I couldn’t pass it up. It took them maybe 15 minutes for them to come get our drink order and because it took so long of course we were thirsty and the boys ordered 33 ounce beers. The Asahi beer actually makes my Sapporo look small.

Then another 20 minutes or so to take our meal order, and let me tell you that it was 8:30 and I really needed to eat something. We got appetizers of course: fried oysters, shumai, gyoza, and scallops in their own shell. These shumai were easily the best I’ve ever had, but the hot mustard is easily the hottest mustard on the planet! Be careful there, I almost burned my tongue off. The scallops in its own shell was really interesting because I’ve never seen a scallop shell before, and this one was huge and filled with chopped scallops, crab, and stuffing of some kind. It didn’t taste very Asian, but it was good. For the main event we ordered a ton of sushi, and this is actually not all of it…we had more come later.
I thought the superstar here was the eel. Abe’s favorite was the chutoro, which is fatty tuna…sounds bad, but it was actually good, I even thought so. Either way, there wasn’t one piece left on this platter by the end. Of course our evening didn’t end there. I’ve done many a sake bomb in my life, but Abe has never done one before so the boys couldn’t think of a better time to try it out. The waitress even gave them a brief lesson, which was very helpful.

Which one is better: Fugakyu or Ginza? I say that Fugakyu has a better atmosphere and faster service, but Ginza has the more superior sushi.

Ginza A

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