Bald P

A tribute to our friend Bald P. We don’t call him Bald P because he’s bald… Maybe we do, I don’t get it though because he shaves his head…I mean he’s not really Bald. Anyways, Bald P is making the move from the east coast to the west coast this weekend and his presence here will be missed! I’ve known him for as long as I’ve known my husband, and he’s just always been someone that I considered a friend right away. He threw this crazy Halloween party a couple years ago at his apartment and not only did we completely and utterly destroy his house, but that is the last time that I can remember myself partying my ass off while wearing a costume and having liquor poured down my throat from 3 feet in the air. He also hosted the last Fakesgiving (Thanksgiving but for friends and not actually on the day of Thanksgiving) where the boys fried a turkey. When some of us went on a cruise, Pete was the one who fed my Cleo. He actually walked over to our apartment and fed my pet guinea pig (who in her old age was not very friendly) and didn’t make fun of me once. Not even one joke about me owning a hamster or a gerbil. Also, he was the keeper of our spare set of keys at our old apartment and he actually had to let us each in on several occasions. One day Abe was out on the deck on our second floor place and somehow he locked himself out in the cold in the winter. Bald P actually left work early to come and rescue Abe from freezing to death. I mean that is friendship! So as Bald P leaves Boston we wish him well, and know that the west coast is getting a really great addition.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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