Saving is Fun

I had a bad day, but in the spirit of trying to be somewhat positive I’ll try to ignore the bull and get to the good stuff. Last year we left MetLife and went to Progressive to save some money on our auto insurance. We saved a few hundred dollars and it was a good move for us. This year we left Progressive (significant rate increase for Nothing we did) to go to Liberty Mutual, and do you want to know how much money I saved us? $437. I know right? I am getting very good at finding us excellent auto rates. We now pay under $800 to insure our vehicle. In the past month we have saved $600 on our Comcast 3-2-1 package, $80 by putting my gym membership on hold for one month, and now $437 on auto insurance. Also, this week I took my work friend out for lunch with a gift card and we got to spend some time together and eat big hearty salads for…$0, it was even better than packing my lunch. Let’s not forget the excellent deal at fenway: fenway frank, cotton candy, soda, all for $5. I’m sure nobody thought they would see the day that we actually made some excellent saving decisions!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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