We did the wave…

Me and my BFF went out to the Red Sox game tonight. We were really worried that it was going to get rained out but luckily the weather cooperated for us and just did a little sprinkling here and there. I love going to Fenway, I think that sometimes I take it for granted since I live so close to the park. We sat up in the bleachers which actually is my favorite area to sit in because of all the activity. Tonight we saw 6 people get kicked out for poor behavior of some sort, which I should probably be ashamed that our fans would act that way, but it seemed like pretty harmless stuff and certainly nothing that I wouldn’t do. If you’re going to Fenway anytime soon and you’re a chick, you might like to know some of our little secret… if you order a kids meal you will get a Fenway frank, full sized cotton candy, and a soda, all for $5 when a frank alone is $4.55. It’s probably the greatest discovery ever! I only say that it’s good for girls because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy eat cotton candy before. We were hoping to see a fight during the game, but the players were on their best behavior, and we won! I don’t know the next time that I’ll make it there, but I can’t wait. See you later Jacoby!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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