The magical ‘stache

Today I picked up my new glasses and it was as if I had been living in the dark ages for years. I mean, do we not have modern medicine and technology worth spending billions of dollars on to fix things like nearsightedness? For the first time ever I was able to sit on the couch and watch the kitchen timer countdown to my delicious stuffed shells. I was floored with the difference!

(Abe decided to grow a mustache…)

He is home sick thanks to a trip to a dirty country, but this was actually a blessing. He Finally got around to cancelling HBO, and Comcast is no longer controlling our lives. He said he was going to do it, and then just didn’t for a few weeks, but now it’s been done and we’re saving $600 a year on our cable/internet package. First of all it’s absurd that any of that would be $600 at all, but what can we do really? We need internet and we need some kind of tv otherwise we’d probably be productive with our evenings and who really wants that? We like to keep the economy going.

Tonight, I finished Harry Potter #7 for the second time. It was as if I had never read it before, and it was even better this time around. I really love those books, and I’m really not ashamed to say that I am completely and totally devastated that there will be no more to come. The great part about this story is that my memory has the capacity of an edemame so I’ll be able to read them all again next year and blog about it again I’m sure. I should note a few things down to compare to next time…warning, do not proceed if you haven’t read book #7 yet.
Favorite character: Hermione
Favorite sub-character: Remus Lupin
Favorite bad guy: Bellatrix
Things I don’t understand: Why couldn’t they just ask Dumbledore in the painting what to do? Why couldn’t they just make food multiply when they were hungry in the woods? Why did they actually think they had to wear the locket? When the sword appeared to Neville…did that mean it totally disappeared from Griphook for good?

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