my stupid asian hair

Check out my wonderful Taylor Swift-like curly hair this morning! I’ll admit, it looks fantastic. The real reason I styled my hair today was because my bangs are quite long and I can’t really see unless i give them some curl to lift them out of my face. So anyways, my fringe is all swept and my hair all pretty and I step outside and maybe 3 raindrops hit my head. We’re talking 3 of the most obese raindrops on the planet. 45 minutes later I got to work and this is what it looked like:

This looks like maybe it’s an entirely different day. The hair is flat, lifeless and bland. Basically, like any other day out of the week except today I had spent 15 minutes curling it with the utmost care…and see how the bangs hang in my eye. I’m getting my “post-wedding chop” next week and I’m sort of losing my mind. Everyday seems to bring on a new hair challenge due to length and unruliness. I’m sorry if this disinterests you, but it’s consuming my days right now!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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