More on my bachelorette party

I just wanted to take a moment to reflect back on my bachelorette party. It was really fun, we went to Gypsy Rose in Boston for a little class on pole dancing. It was somwhat both mortifying (I’m shy) yet an outstanding workout at the same time, I think we all enjoyed it, and if you’re looking for something for a small group of girls to do then this is probably a good bet! You might want to have a drink or two first to loosen up, I think I would have done better with 2.5 beers in me.

We stayed at the Park Plaza, and later met some others out for dinner across the street and more drinks.
It was a really fun night and I’m excited to announce that all of us will be in another wedding together next year, just with a different bride (not my workout pal seen here). Luckily for her, she is now well schooled in how to work the pole and roll around on the ground in a sexy way! Because I’m sure in her profession it will come in very handy…

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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