Spaceships in the pantry

We are city beings, we apparently like to live in apartments the size of dorm rooms and so we have to get really creative with our storage space. behold our pantry. yeah those are some amazing looking pots and pans right? they are wedding gifts from our best man, and they seem to be hanging in our closet… not to mention the bizarre way the paper towels are stacked to the left. These were both abe’s brilliant ideas. I’m not so sure the paper towel structure was very smart, but the pots and pans were really space saving. I should probably mention that we totally emptied the pantry and re-stacked everything and were still unable to fit all our shiny new small appliances in there on the shelves, so after a few nuclear meltdowns this was our solution. I had given up all hope, i was prepared to store the rice cooker and dutch oven in the guest room for the rest of eternity but you know this just worked better than that.

Abe actually bent wire hangers in a way so the body of the pots could hang along with their tops. at first, I thought it was completely too strange to have guests see but after about 30 seconds I realized that whatever makes all our stuff fit in the closet gets an A+ from me. so if you are suffering from lack of pantry space and need a way to totally impress your dinner guests, might I suggest our UFO style of storage…

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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