Honeymoon: Tasty’s in Anguilla

Island breeze, you got that right! my hair looked very active the whole week, especially at night. so anyways, this is Tasty’s, which was recommended to us by a couple of people for their really local flavor. i had lobster bisque with corn, and it was excellent, really really mouthwatering excellent. my main entree was grilled vegetables on pasta. it was a rather unorthodox choice being on an island, and not ordering seafood, but i was really craving noodles. i’m not sure that this dish was something that worked. the sauce was great, the grilled veggies were great, but together…something just wasn’t really working well. i wouldn’t order it again. abe got seafood chowder for his starter, and he enjoyed it, although didn’t rave over it. for his main entree he had something that is escaping my memory because it was just so/so. he was disappointed with his meal all around, and for me the lobster bisque was really their savior. for dessert was split a piece of key lime cheesecake. it was nothing to write home about, it was very limey. i know that people go here because the locals eat here, but we only saw other couples and families there on vacation, so i guess the locals don’t eat dinner at 7:30pm. i wish i took notes during our stay in anguilla on the restaurants, i’m having a hard time remembering little details. Tasty’s was moderate in price and nice and casual. as a reference point, the bisque was about $12, and the meal total was about $85 plus 15% service charge, and extra tip. would i recommend it to others? if you are looking for an inexpensive, casual styled meal then yes i would.

Tasty’s food B
Tasty’s Price A-

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