Honeymoon Recap, Part I

we left the rainy weather in boston and of course immediately there were issues. the zipper on abe’s backpack broke at the airport. not a huge deal, and when i found out it was 10 years old i was kind of impressed that it even lasted so long. abe felt much differently about the situation, he’ll be getting a new one asap.
Ready for takeoff! we slept like 2 hours the night before, we were just so excited and ready to go.

Our resort in Anguilla, the Cap Juluca greets it’s guests with a bottle of champagne and snacks. i thought it was just us, but i heard lots of champagne bottles popping during the week so i guess we weren’t all That special after all. however, it’s an excellent touch. we were 100% satisfied with our hotel choice. it’s very hard to tell from their website, but i am pretty sure that service and beachfront can’t get any better than it was there. our luggage didn’t make our layover from San Juan, and there is only 1 flight per day from San Juan to Anguilla so we had to wait till the following day for it to arrive. we had a feeling this could happen though, so we packed a day of clothing and other essentials in our carry on.
this is the outside of our villa. the doors just open up and let the ocean air in all day. in fact, there are no locks and keys. abe Hated this, but i didn’t care at all. there was a safe for our money and passports and that’s all that mattered to me. the beach we were on had no other resorts on it, the place was just ultra private. we really didn’t interact with many people at all while we were there besides employees.
Obviously, i packed my new romper from American Apparel in my carry on!! i loved it, i know it’s like a “you love it or hate it” item. this is right outside our villa. the little path goes right to the beach where they have really great lounge chairs with umbrellas set up and a bars lining the area. They had free water activities on the resort like kayaking, snorkling masks and flippers, and all sorts of other things like water skiing. we should have taken more advantage of this, but at the same time we really just wanted to lay on the chairs and soak in the sun.
this is abe’s horrified face. the first night we were there the woman who checked us in told us there was going to be a seafood buffet on the beach in one of the restaurants, so we figured we’d try it out. you know low key, nothing fancy. so we walk in, and walk past a big table of asian people and go and sit down. suddenly we’re in a staring contest with them…and what do you know, it was some of abe’s family. they are everywhere! i’ll talk about that more later, back to the buffet. well, we got there and the food wasn’t really anything to write home about. it was good, but it didn’t knock my socks off or anything and actually i ate more salad than anything else. they handed abe the bill, and they never told us how much the buffet would be. i was thinking maybe like $50/person or something. no no, it was $85/person!!! and from that moment on, we didn’t eat at the resort very much. we got a lot of recommendations from people who traveled and lived there which turned out to be our savior! also in anguilla they add 15% service charge automatically, and they produce very little food on the island due to nutrient lacking soil so almost everything is imported which makes things pricey. i’m ok with that, especially since we were able to find excellent food at excellent (for anguilla) prices.

The best part about cap juluca is that although the resort is somewhat large since it runs along the beach, they give everyone a solar golf cart to drive around in. they’re just parked all over the place and you can just look for one and jump and in go. they drive on the left side which even in a golf cart is a little intimidating and horrifying at times, but i really enjoyed it!! several times one of us would have to yell out, while going around a sharp corner: you almost lost your wife/husband! it was super duper fun driving those things, i wish i could have one at home, and really how efficient and green!

more honeymoon fun to come…

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