Honeymoon: Island Boat Tour

The first full day of our honeymoon we went on an island boat tour around anguilla and we stopped at three different places to snorkel along the reefs. i was really excited and a little bit nervous because as a child i had a fear of open water. the areas we snorkeled in were really calm, crystal clear, and nothing to be afraid of. the water was only about 10-15 feet deep in most places we were due to all the coral.

Excuse the bum in the background! we were on a boat with two other couples who were super nice. it’s funny, i think i may have become a nicer person after a week in anguilla… that is yet to be determined though.
This was my favorite part of our honeymoon, the boat was just so fun, and the ocean was so nice. i decided that we really need a boat now, you know because buying a boat before a house makes so much sense. someday we’ll have one!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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