Weather and Stuff

So it still predicts rain for our day, however, 40% chance is much better than 60% chance so we are moving in the right direction. you know not to become completely obsessive over checking the weather every moment of my day…

abe is back from his work trip, so i have an extra set of hands around the house to help out with manual labor. to me this is great, to him, this is going to totally suck. tonight we need to do the programs, name cards, and name card board. tomorrow we need to pick up my dress at the store, pick up his groomsmen gifts, a birthday gift, and any other miscellaneous type stuff that we may have forgotten, and sunday we need to bring just about everything to my parents house (favors, gift baggies, napkins, dresses, cake topper, etc.) 8 days. it’s only 8 days away. oh god. i don’t feel like i’m handling this all very well. at work they asked me if i’d like a cake to celebrate my wedding and i said: NO!! i can’t possibly deal with another uncomfortable moment, although i thanked them for the thought. i just can’t do it. i’d just rather not right now.

but i must ask. WTF is with Boyfriend jeans?? why would any woman want to wear pants that totally made them look fat and sloppy? it makes no sense to me, but they are everywhere right now and they are not cheap either. i think that trend is heinous! this is coming from a girl who bought a cotton romper and can’t wait to wear it. it is super cute guys, i swear, and i will not wear it with heels. i think that is the biggest mistake you can make with them.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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