I’m alive and kicking

my bachelorette weekend has come to a conclusion, and i’m not hungover or in jail or missing anything.  my bridesmaids got us a room at the park plaza (swoon!), and then we went to Gypsy Rose for a lesson in exotic dancing complete with pole dancing.  it was both disturbingly uncomfortable and awesome at the same time.  the most important thing we learned was: never dance for free!  i found that pretty agreeable, i’m not cheap.  it was really fun, and good exercise, we’re all sore today.  later we had dinner with some other friends at Via Matta, which was totally amazing.  i started with the italian wedge salad and then i tasted the calamari.  both were very good, the calamari was not breaded at all and it was lightly cooked in tomato sauce.  it was so light and tasty.  i really loved the tagliatelle bolognase for my main course, it was really full and meaty and creamy and the kind of meal that warms you deep down.  but it also left me really full because i couldn’t stop eating it.  i’d love to go back to via matta again, and you know, the people working there are pretty good looking too.  we went out for a couple more drinks after that, but i’m pretty low key so it wasn’t all crazy.  i actually was in bed by like 12:30…i know, but it had been a long day.  it was a fun time, and now i really have to concentrate on tackling the long list of crap to get done before our big day…

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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