Friday Hottness

i have some really dark bruises on my arms from outdoor bootcamp last night. i guess they don’t look so bad in the photo, but they’re pretty bad since i don’t really bruise easily at all. they’re from doing up and down planks. you know planks where you are straight armed in a push up position, moving down on your forearms and then back up, repeat repeat repeat for 2 minutes. they are very effective in gaining more core strength. not so effective in looking good in a sleeveless shirt.

also, i wanted to share this with you: the most fun waffles you have ever seen in your life.

how adorable are they!! they would totally perk up my morning. i might actually get out of bed without a pout on my face if i knew these were waiting for me. oh i love them.

and guess what chickens, i’m going out for drinks after work. can you believe it? i’m usually such a hermit on friday nights when i’m just too tired from a long week and abe is the same way, but today is different. we’re going to jam out with our clams out. or whatever, rock out, if you will… Happy Friday!

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