Nike Zoom Equalon+ 3

I’ve had my new sneakers for two weeks now. they’re very similar to my old Nike sneakers which were the Nike Zoom Vomero +3, they actually look so similar i had a hard time telling them apart. i know, why would i get practically the same sneaker that i had last time, that’s sooooo stupid!! i know. i realize this. this shoe model was made to cushion the feet and give the “bouncy” feel that some runners like and i really enjoyed that part of my last sneakers. i was looking for even more arch support this around around but i wanted to keep the light bouncy feel. i was a bit hesitant to buy another pair of Nikes, but i went for it anyways since they really felt the best out of the handful of models that i tried on. two weeks later, with some running, cross training, bosu classes, indoor and outdoor activity, bootcamps, etc. i feel that i chose the best shoe for my feet. it took about 3 days to break them in to mold to my feet, but that’s relatively quick. so now the price: $135. i think i just made my bestie choke. yeah i know, i generally pay about $100 for my sneakers because i feel that if you pay a little bit more for the most recent technology that you will be able to wear them past their normal expiration date (based on miles and hours of activity logged, not as in days/weeks/years). i need to replace my sneakers 1-2 x per year, that’s just how it is. if you don’t do much activity, go ahead and wear them for 3 years, but i can’t do that, i’m a workout queen bee and i wear them almost every day. so that was pretty long winded, back to it. $135…yeah i am not sure they are worth $135. i think they are certainly worth $100, certainly worth $120, but when you go past that i think it’s just too much. i paid too much for these sneakers, but that can happen when you’re back hurts and your legs and knees and feet are literally throbbing in pain from wearing dilapidated sneakers and you go shopping and you put on a pair of foot pillows that let off angel noises – yes, you will buy the best possible cure to the pain. i’m going to really pay attention to when these ones start to fade, and immediately replace them so i don’t get to that point again.

Performance A
Comfort A
Price B-

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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