mid-week crazies

does anyone know this guy, he plays for us, and i call him Scallopini although it’s not his real name.  i feel kind of bad for him.  he apparently is not a very bad player, but during the playoffs he’s been kind of hard to watch.  i just want to pull out my hair.  he tends to almost never get the ball, and when he does it’s like his mission is to pass it off to anyone else immediately.  i watched him playing defense and all he did was run around.  he didn’t put his arms up or really do anything, he just ran in a complete circle nowhere near the ball.  as i am writing this post, scallopini actually got possession of the ball and what did he do?  he got called for a travel when he was 2 feet away from the basket.  a Travel!!  i’m sure he’s normally a decent player and perhaps run down or something, maybe mentally exhausted or still out of sorts from his concussions…i’m not sure.  what i am sure of is that he looks a lot like will ferrell with his big puffy hair, and that’s all i can think about when i see him running around with absolutely no idea what is going on. it’s ok scallopini, everyone finds themselves in a situation where they aren’t quite sure what the F is going on.  of course he hit a 3 when i finished this post, there is hope afterall!  i was too quick to judge, i’ll admit it.  i’ll also admit that eddie house is my new favorite player.  hey pal!

Speaking of total stupidity.  Abe’s trivia question of the day is…
“In Ice Ice Baby, what word comes after “Stop” in the opening line…. as in: Stop ____ and listen.”
my first guess was: check it out.
my second guess was: calibrate. and i felt so sure of it.
wrong.  what would vanilla ice be calibrating? sound machines?  yeah, i was wrong.
the answer is collaborate.  Stop collaborate and listen.
And speaking of totally awesome.  mindy kaling who is Kelly on the office is getting her own show in 2011.  i adore her, she’s kind of my idol.  she writes for the office and sometimes produces, and she is hilarious.  my favorite thing about her is her old blog Things that i bought that i love.  she wrote about all the awesome stuff she bought with all her big money, but sadly she stopped updating it sometime last year.  but i still love her as Kelly, and i kind of wonder what her voice sounds like not on the show…

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