Bridal Bootcamp

i’m the type of person that tends to go overboard more often than not. on more than one occasion the phrase “go big or go home!” had been mentioned at family dinners while i was in my teens, and i think it’s been imprinted into my brain. i enrolled in a Bridal Bootcamp that my gym is offering for the month of may, every tuesday and thursday (outside!) i will be toning and tightening and sweating. when i told abe i was thinking about doing it, he said: “you don’t have to do it, i think you look great.” that was a very sweet response, and the only acceptable one, but i signed up anyways. it’s not just for my wedding, i’ve been at a fitness plateau for months now so i could really use someone to help me get out of it…and for about $20 per session, how could i really say no to that. i’m very curious to see how far she can take me because on my own i’ve been on a road to nowhere.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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