Battle of the concealers

Neutrogena Skinclearing Oil-Free Concealer in Medium 0.05 oz. $8
This can be found at pretty much any drugstore, which is how i started using it. i probably used half the tube completely happy with the product, and one day i just stopped liking it. the color seemed to be too light, and the coverage too sheer. so i would say this worked for me in the winter, but in the spring not so much. i don’t think i would buy this one again even though it’s cheap and easily accessible. i felt like it was just too liquidy and light instead of thick and opaque. however, it never irritated my skin in the least bit.

Smashbox High Definition Liquid Concealer in Medium 0.27oz $15
I am testing out the Smashbox primer, so i figured i might as well pick up the concealer since i’ve been looking for a new one. the coverage is much better than average and the color matches my skin better than anything else so far although there are 5 colors to choose from anyways so you’d probably find something that works for you. the pricetag is higher than what most people would feel comfortable paying if you are just looking for a basic concealer. i have old acne marks on my skin that i’m always trying to cover until they disappear, so i need something that really hides dark flaws, and i think that this isn’t perfect but it’s definitely the closest i’ve found in a long time. i would buy this one again, i thought it was worth a few extra dollars.

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