Battle of the volumizers

Biolage Volumizing Shampoo $10:

this brand is a stand-by in my shower. it’s high quality and affordable. it does a really good job at keeping hair nourished and hydrated to be shiny, but does it volumize? it volumizes when you use all the other volumizing products in the line: the conditioner, the styling products, blow drying your hair upside down….so really to me that’s kind of like: Not Really. but the smell is invigorating, it’s so fresh and exactly what i want my hair to smell like: clean and fresh. it doesn’t do what it claims to do, but i will keep it in my shower anyways.

GHD Elevation Shampoo $25:

I would just like to start off by saying that i’ve never paid $25 for shampoo Ever. i didn’t realize how much it was when i got it at my salon, next time i should probably check that! because of the price point, i figured this shampoo would really be everything i’ve been searching for: big awesome hair. it failed miserably. it’s just a regular old shampoo, and it did nothing for my fine hair until i used other products and turned my head upside down to blow dry it. the results even there were only moderate. it’s a nice shampoo, my hair feels very clean and protected, but it looks like this everyday. i will not be buying this shampoo again because for $25, there should have been someone in that bottle to style my hair for me.

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