Mac Shadestick

like many asian women before me, i struggle with finding eye makeup that won’t smudge or move all over the place. normally i wear only mascara on a day to day basis to keep things clean and easy and fresh. i used this shadestick as eyeliner for years, i believe i had the same stick for 2 years…which is both unsanitary and weird, but even so, i loved it. last year i went to the Mac counter in Macy’s to get another one because mine was completely gone and those people told me that it had been discontinued. i gasped with horror. how could they discontinue such a fantastic product!! so i went on and started using revlon’s colorstay eyeliner because i heard it was so good that britney spear’s wore it during her tours. after testing it, i found that it was actually quite good because the pigment was really dark and it went on easy, but it still did smudge a bit sometimes. i’d give it a 7.5 out of 10, it wasn’t something that i could depend on lasting throughout the day. i was looking at makeup online today for something totally different when i came across my shadestick. i almost screamed!! i actually did a silent scream, the kind where my mouth was wide open and a tiny little high pitched noise came out when i realized that i was actually indoors and not alone. so now i can throw out all the liners that have failed me, and i have to pick one up for $16.50, hopefully it’s the same quality as i remember. $16.50 may seem a little on the high end of a liner, but remember it lasts for like two years.

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