Another makeup trial

This is from today’s trial at place #2.  i can’t really see my makeup here…perhaps a little too natural.  or really what i want to say is: am i wearing any makeup here?  i don’t get it, why is it so hard for people to get what i’m asking for.  this time i even brought a picture with me of the look i am going for…i would say that this looks nice, but it’s not exactly anything i’m jumping for joy over.  it did look better in person though, i’ll give her that much.

And just to compare this was trial #1.  i do like this but i also feel like it’s just kind of washed out – as my mom would say.  i have no color and i actually look really pale almost dead.  

What did i learn from these trials?  i’m doing my own makeup on my wedding day!!  i know, everyone has something to say about it, but i don’t want to risk not looking like myself or having on caked foundation.  i’m totally comfortable doing my own makeup for a special occasion so this will be the motherload!  i’ll do a “trial” next week…

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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