The Melting Pot

i’ve been seeing the melting pot on the phantom gourmet a lot recently and i’ve just been dying to try this thing called Fondue. i think i may have tried it before with just chocolate but i wanted to try the cheese and the other stuff. so abe and i went to the one in burlington because the park plaza one was booked solid. the martinis are really adventurous, i got a nice key lime one. and then we got cheese fondue with veggies, breads, and apples to start. then we had some kind of cobb salad which was watery and overall, not that good. it was obviously pre-made and tasted like it had sat in he fridge all day long. then we got to the real meal: chicken, pork, beef, lobster tail, ravioli, veggies, shrimp, and salmon, all to dip into coq au vin broth to cook. this reminded me of shabu, but it wasn’t as cool. i thought it was all good but it wasn’t great, i think shabu broth is better and more flavorful and less expensive. for dessert we had chocolate and caramel with assorted fruits and cakes to dip. the rice krispy treats were by the far the best part of dessert. i enjoyed the overall experience, but it’s super over priced and shabu is a million times better, i wouldn’t go back but i think everyone should try it once.

food B
experience B+

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