Chicken or the Egg

we have friends who live on a cattle farm out in god knows where, massachusetts.  there are cows, some chickens, a rooster, and other assorted animals.  last night, i learned something new about chickens.  i’ll admit that most people probably already know this, but in my defense i’m afraid of most birds.  i’d always thought that a chicken laid eggs after a rooster laid his seed so to speak.  i thought that eggs were you know, like having a baby, well i was wrong there.  i’d always just kind of assumed since it seemed like every farm had one rooster to many chickens.  well chickens don’t need a man to lay eggs, in fact, they lay them constantly on their own without any fertilization.  say what!!  only the eggs that are fertilized will hatch chicks, the rest are just you know…for eating.  i feel like someone should have taught me that one a long time ago.  

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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