Twilight Movie!

Guys, if you haven’t seen this movie yet and you plan on it, then you might not to read any further…

I saw Twilight today.  the day after opening night because i just had to know it was tearing me apart!  going into it i really thought…the book is always better than the movie so i’m not going to expect much.  and i thought, well robert pattinson doesn’t look like the edward i had in mind, he’s just not handsome enough.  and i thought that kristen stewart just wasn’t plain enough, she was too interesting looking.  but whatever, my casting opinions really hold no weight.  abe and i were the only people there over 16 except for a row of old 40 year olds behind us.  they giggled and laughed and talked all through the movie and laughed at all the cheesy parts, so it was very good according to them.  i thought it fell really flat in a few parts like the action sequences and the special effects really weren’t at all special and too much of the story was cut out.  but i was totally thrilled with Carlisle and how just perfect he was and Jacob and how perfect he was and Charlie too.  i think there is so much potential for the next movies, this one was just an introduction to the story really… but i will say that after 30 minutes of the movie, Edward became devastatingly attractive to me…but it took awhile.  suddenly i was really enjoying his style and his look and his unruly hair.  it took awhile for the whole story to really come together.  the opening is just so slow and pretty painful, but i really do think it’s worth seeing and the next ones can only get better.  and just think this movie was made for teen agers, so actually i’m sure it was super awesome to them and i’m just being nit picky.  XO Edward!
Also, when you see the movie you’ll see the preview to the next Harry Potter movie.  it looks fantastic of course!  it made all the other previews look terrible, but actually they were terrible.  

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