The Host

If you liked the Twilight series you might also enjoy this book by Stephanie Meyer.  it’s long.  it’s one of those books where you feel a great bit of accomplishment when you finish the last page but lugging it to and from work to read on the train almost breaks your back.  this is an adult book, so it’s not as fast of a read as Twilight, and it’s more involved sci-fi.  it was a fun read, very interesting, and i think i almost cried.  Almost, but i totally didn’t.  by the middle of the book i became very attached to the main characters.  i liked it a lot, but i’m pretty sad because i don’t have a book in waiting.  when i don’t have a book in waiting i tend to do stupid things with my free time like bite at my cuticles and watch bad tv.  i’m going to need a new book fast.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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2 Responses to The Host

  1. Jen says:

    have you read “the glass castle”?

  2. laura* says:

    yes i did read that one. i actually bought it by accident and ended up loving it.

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