my mom wants my christmas list already.  and as expected she wants me to keep it down this year, and i’m like: yeah that’s no problem.  and then i go to write up my list…. and i can’t think of anything that i want except for mega big expensive things!!  wtf is wrong with me.  i know what it is, i have everything that i want except for the unattainable things like: 

a bezel set diamond tennis bracelet
.5 carat diamond earrings
bezel set diamond pendant necklace
a blue cocktail ring
the perfect boots
all of these are totally like big big gifts that normally come with an anniversary or celebration of some sort, and i’ve done nothing worth celebrating lately!  so moving on.
and then all the smaller things i can think that i want are kind of ridiculous:
nintendo DS lite with games
a hamster in a wheel
more house plants
considering it’s only november 8th i think i can probably keep thinking a little bit.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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