Halloween is OVER.

we had the worst halloween costumes in the history of our halloweens.  it was embarrassing! abe wore a shirt that said Wingman, and he was a wingman.  then he cut me out an eyemask and i have no idea what i was…. and neither of us were a superhero or a villian.  everyone else had some really involved costumes.  
Banana Man
Drunk Man
i forget the technical name of this costume, but i believe it was Dirty Sanchez however you can’t really see the “dirty” part.
This is…disturbing.  this is a man and a woman, and i’m saving everyone from seeing the man’s face in drag.  they are Scissor Sisters i think or they are Super Lesbians, i forget which.  the guy’s legs looked better than most women’s that was also really disturbing, and the worst part is how much he enjoyed being a woman….
so anyways we’re at this party in Medfield, which is really far away and in the woods, and everyone is hanging out indoors and out by a fire and then this dude comes in dressed up with a wierd mask on (it was something from donnie darko).  he just kept walking around and through the party but not really stopping and talking to anyone.  so finally the hostess was called over and everyone was like: there’s a man here and nobody knows who he is.  so she tries to find out but to no avail.  it kind of came to a little bit of a head because now everyone was really kind of freaked out and a little nervous.  one of the guys tried to rip his mask off, and see who he really was, but then he just kind of left.  everyone forgot about it, and then it turns out that it was a neighbor of the house we were at.  he came back like an hour later in regular clothing, we were pretty relieved, or i was….the woods there are really dark and scary and who knows who’ll just come out of them, it’s like a horror movie that i don’t want to be a part of.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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