i had a really great day off from work.  i went to sephora for a good hour, and when i was there someone from work called…i was like what the Fing F, he knows i’m not there today my empty dark cube would tell him that and the sticky note that said: “Hi, i’m not here today”.  luckily he just asked me to come in early tomorrow, pheeew!  i did a little shopping around copley (in heels) my feet are killing me, but i wanted to be able to get an accurate length if i tried on pants. – i never even did.  so my feet are killing me for nothing.  on the way home i bought a houseplant, my very first real big house plant, i’m so excited you have no idea.  i’ve been begging abe for a houseplant for so long, but it’s not really convenient to go buy a giant plant and then have nowhere specific to put it….so this is Jenny, and i’m still trying to find her a perfect location.  and the whole jamming a giant leafy plant into the back seat of a sports car blocking the entire rear view and being almost unable to shut the door without shutting it on the leaves.  i also got three mini plants for a window ledge, but the picture wouldn’t upload sadly.  this is just the beginning of house plant mania and Jenny is the queen bee.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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